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Action Launcher

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A better launcher

Android has many custom launchers. Most focus on endless customizations, but Action Launcher strives to create a better experience. Innovative and highly praised features like Covers, Shutters and the Quickdrawer allow you to get you where you need to go, faster.

Featured by Leo Laporte, MKBHD and countless others.

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Link Bubble

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Mobile browsing done right

Link Bubble is the first mobile browser truly designed for mobile devices and their constraints. When you click a link, rather than watching that page load, you can keep using your current app while Link Bubble loads the link in the background.

Featured by TIME, TNW and countless others.

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The power of double click, on mobile

Customize how clicking a web link in a 3rd party app behaves.

A single tap will load your default browser as you're used to, but a double tap might load Pocket and a triple tap might load PushBullet.

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Tweet Lanes

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Pure Twitter, Pure Android

One of the first Twitter apps to embrace the then-new Android Holo standards, we like to think Tweet Lanes went on to have more than a little influence on Twitter, Inc.'s Android app.

Tweet Lanes now flourishes as an open-source project.

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